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Would you like to get paid for not using energy? You can receive sizable payments from the utility for curtailing energy usage during times of peak demand. Programs that formalize this process are known as “demand response”. The providers of these programs are referred to as Curtailments Service Providers (CSP’s).


At Balanced Rock Energy, we can help you evaluate your operations – including your ability to access back-up generation assets when called to curtail – and current usage patterns – including your peak demand charges – to see if demand response could be a lucrative part of your energy management strategy and support the smooth running of your operations. When applicable we’ll assist with sourcing the correct CSP to ensure the service is delivered flawlessly and payments are received as promised.


We’ve seen demand response work well for a number of clients, but we’ve also seen it fall short for organizations that did not understand their rights and responsibilities when participating in these programs. As with every piece of the energy management puzzle, demand response works best when it is understood and implemented within the context of a comprehensive, integrated energy strategy, exactly what Balanced Rock Energy will develop and help manage for you.


At Balanced Rock Energy, we provide a balanced view of the market and a sensible, unbiased approach to helping you maximize your opportunities. We aren't limited to one technology, married to one vendor or supplier, or tied to one plan to deliver you the right solution. We work with every relevant energy supplier in every deregulated state and team with the best providers of on-site generation, solar, and energy efficiency services to ensure you get the best results.