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One of the best ways to lower your total energy spend and reduce exposure to energy-pricing volatility is by making your facilities more energy efficient.


Across the country, utilities have hundreds of millions in incentive dollars they are looking to pay out to businesses for completing approved lighting and mechanical retrofits and energy management systems implementations.


These utility incentives can dramatically lower your efficiency project costs and significantly increase your return on investment. At Balanced Rock Energy we team with leaders in energy efficiency services that know the incentives landscape and how to navigate it; have experience planning and executing energy efficiency projects on time and on budget; and will work with you every step of the way in a highly skilled and professional manner.



Lighting and mechanical systems account for 80 percent of energy consumption in commercial buildings, and we’ve seen the difference retrofits and advanced technologies can make. When done well, energy efficiency initiatives can drive down energy consumption by 10-40 percent and energy-related cost by up to 30 percent.


That’s where Balanced Rock Energy comes in. With our network of experienced energy-efficiency partners, we’re committed to delivering you the expertise and professionalism of the largest energy service companies with the personal touch of a small business that values and is accountable to every one of its customers.


As part of this process we will evaluate client lighting and mechanical energy use, develop efficiency strategies, negotiate utility rebates, and execute energy conservation measures at attractive ROIs.


At Balanced Rock Energy, we provide energy-efficiency services as an integral part of our comprehensive energy management offering.


At Balanced Rock Energy, we provide a balanced view of the market and a sensible, unbiased approach to helping you maximize your opportunities. We aren't limited to one technology, married to one vendor or supplier, or tied to one plan to deliver you the right solution. We work with every relevant energy supplier in every deregulated state and team with the best providers of on-site generation, solar, and energy efficiency services to ensure you get the best results.