Energy Procurement

Our Core Competency

Getting you into the best energy contract for your business is what we do best at Balanced Rock Energy.

Our energy procurement expertise is built on hundreds of engagements with clients across the U.S., resulting in thousands of contracts and the delivery of more than 20 billion kWh of power.

We operate in every deregulated market, with every relevant supplier. Combined with our best-in-class, technology-assisted procurement methods, including reverse-auction and sealed-bid approaches, Balanced Rock increases market competition for your energy contract, driving down the price you pay.

Whether you are buying electricity, natural gas, or renewable energy credits, you can be confident you will get the best results with Balanced Rock Energy.

The variety of energy procurement methods and technologies we use on your behalf underscores our commitment to doing what’s right for you. We are not bound to one approach or one supplier. At Balanced Rock Energy, we take the time to understand your specific situation, your tolerance for risk, and the current market environment. We put that all together to recommend the timing and strategy best suited to meet your goals.

Additionally, our broad and deep energy procurement expertise will help ensure that what you buy today supports your energy goals and opportunities tomorrow. For example, many companies make the mistake of locking into an energy contract before thinking through how future on-site generation, energy efficiency and demand response measures may impact their contract. At Balanced Rock Energy, we will make sure that your energy contract works effectively, and in concert, with other energy-savings initiatives you are planning to maximize your benefit.

The world of energy, from energy procurement through on-site generation, is growing in complexity. We’ll help you put the pieces together in the right way, starting with your energy buy during the procurement process.

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