Channel Partner Program

Our certified channel partner program allows business professionals access to our world class team of people, reverse auction technology and network of the best suppliers. If you are operating in the energy business but not involved with supply procurement we should talk. If you are currently involved with supply procurement but would like to leverage our experience and technology we should talk.



Types of Channel Partners

Referral Partners – A referral partner has a network of clients and contacts but is not currently involved in energy supply procurement. Energy procurement could become another opportunity to provide value to your clients while also growing a new revenue stream.


Energy Service Company – An energy service company could be an engineering, environmental, efficiency or onsite power generation company that is well versed in the energy space. These type firms will leverage our people, process and technology to gain access to the 3rd party supply market without the expense of training, overhead and technology.


Energy Agents / Brokers / Consultants – An energy agent is currently operating in the energy market and has an active client base. We can offer all of our experience and technology at very competitive splits allowing you to focus on selling.


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