Solar Power

Why Solar?

Companies of all sizes are taking advantage of solar power, both for the cost-savings and environmental benefits. Can your business be next? At Balanced Rock Energy, we team with solar experts to help you evaluate your solar opportunity and make your goal of on-site power generation a reality.

The publication Renewable Energies Info estimated that the surface of the earth receives 120,000 Terawatts of solar irradiation every day, “which represents 20,000 times more power than the whole planet needs”. Additionally, the Union of Concerned Scientists say that only 18 days of solar irradiation contain as much energy as the entire world’s combined supply of coal, oil and natural gas.

More and more businesses are going solar, because it makes financial sense and is a win for the environment. Making solar power a part of your energy strategy makes a powerful statement to your customers and employees that your company cares about the health of the planet and future generations. If you enjoy a peaceful and quiet work environment, solar power has even more benefits. Solar power does not give off noise pollution, regardless of how much solar energy you are producing.

This halo effect goes beyond good PR. It can often help influence purchasing decisions and create customer loyalty. Whether you are in it for the cost savings, environmental stewardship, or both, commercial solar installations have increased nearly 500 percent in the past 5 years and may be right for you as well. With solar, customers can achieve 15 to 25 percent in after-tax returns, generating thousands of dollars in savings per year.

Another advantage of going solar is the low maintenance costs. Solar panels only need occasional cleaning, with a more in-depth inspection once a year. This is mainly due to solar panels having few to no moving parts. Resulting in much less friction, wear out, and breakage of pieces.

With our expert team, Balanced Rock Energy will evaluate your facilities, examine solar incentives and financing, and work with your utility to determine whether a solar project is right for your business. If it is, we’ll manage the implementation and get you up and running fast.

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