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    We can help you reduce your energy costs

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    Our market data, price triggers and analytics assist with timing

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    Our world class auction platform gets the best price

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    Our experience helps to put all of the pieces together for you


A Comprehensive Solution

We put the pieces together so you don't have to, combining the best of supply and demand side strategies and services.


When it is time for you to procure electricity, natural gas or renewables, you can be confident you are working with a true leader in the field when you work with Balanced Rock Energy. We have executed thousands of energy contracts on behalf of hundreds of clients across the U.S., totaling more than 20 billion kWh of power.


Across the country utilities have hundreds of millions in incentive dollars to pay to businesses for implementing approved lighting and mechanical retrofits and energy management systems. At Balanced Rock Energy we work with leaders in energy-efficiency services to ensure you get your share while reducing your energy consumption.

Power Generation

Combined heat and power (CHP) systems, or cogeneration, are an attractive approach to on-site power generation. The typical utility is 30% efficient, a CHP system will have efficiency in the range of 50-80%...this system not only saves money, it's cleaner and more reliable.