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Not only can we help reduce your energy costs, but you can even get paid not to use energy during certain times. Our services will help you receive the best possible price per unit and reduce the total number of units your business consumes. At the same time, we maximize the value of government and utility incentives available to you.

Utility Incentives

Energy efficiency helps protect you against rising utility costs. Across the country, utilities have hundreds of millions in incentive dollars they are looking to pay out to businesses for completing approved lighting and mechanical retrofits and energy management systems implementations. These utility incentives can dramatically lower your efficiency project costs and significantly increase your return on investment. As a result, energy consumption can be reduced up to 40 percent, while energy related costs can be reduced by up to 30 percent.

Tax Incentives

Federal tax credits cut the cost of going solar through the solar tax credit. This allows a portion of solar installation costs to be deducted from taxes. With our solar power services, you can reduce your operating costs by lowering your utility bill. Customers who take advantage of solar power can achieve 15-25 percent in after-tax returns, which often generates thousands of dollars in savings per year.


Combined heat and power systems (CHPs) use the low price of natural gas to reduce energy expenses by up to 50 percent. By reusing waste heat, CHPs can reach efficiencies of over 80 percent compared to a maximum of 50 percent reached by conventional systems.

Demand Response

If saving thousands of dollars in energy cost a year is not enough, companies can even get paid not to consume energy during periods of peak demand. Curtailment Service Providers (CSP’s) provide incentive programs to companies for doing just this.

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